Strategies for Shared Prosperity

Strategies for Shared Prosperity

Strategies for Shared Prosperity

Strategies for Shared Prosperity

Strategies for Shared Prosperity

Peregrine Strategies, Inc. is an issues strategy consultancy specializing in advocacy, policy, and communications for clients working to build just and equitable economies. Our work integrates deep expertise in substantive economic policy issues with two decades of experience helping organizations plan, run, and win concrete policy change at the local, state, and national levels. We work with organizations across the U.S., with a special focus on the South.

Our Approach


Comprehensive strategic vision.

It’s hard to change the world if you only look at part of it. Our firm takes a comprehensive view of the factors that build equitable economies—organizational ecosystems, labor markets, policy landscapes, demographic change, and the political forces underlying them all.

Centering asset-based, participatory development. 

Every community possesses a distinctive set of assets that makes residents want to call it home. At Peregrine Strategies, we know that no one understands a community’s assets—or its challenges—as well as the residents who live there. We apply an asset-based lens to our work and seek to maximize community participation in our research, planning, and strategy development, especially through engagement with marginalized people and places.

Commitment to racial and gender equity.

Our work seeks to center the voices and solutions of traditionally marginalized groups, including women and people of color. We look specifically for projects that involve difficult racial equity challenges and then build diverse consulting teams to address them. For all our projects, we explicitly incorporate an equity lens into all aspects of the work —from our participatory research processes and analysis to creating solutions for our clients and their communities.

Tailored approach to client engagement.

As a smaller firm selective in its engagements, Peregrine Strategies works with clients in an individualized way. Rather than applying “off-the-rack” methods and models, we tailor our work to the specific needs of our clients, from understanding your needs to communicating specific recommendations in a clear, accessible way.

Nimble and customized project staffing. 

One of our unique value-adds is our ability to assemble a customized team of experts that precisely matches the needs of each individual project. We leverage an extensive national network of contacts and partners to build teams with the right mix of professional experience, skills, and certifications tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Who We Work With

Peregrine Strategies provides customized solutions for a diverse array of partners committed to equitable economies, including:

Policy Advocates
& Researchers

Funders &

Service Providers


Workforce & Economic
Development Leaders

How We Can Help

Peregrine provides a robust range of strategic services geared toward building equitable economies. From strategic planning to policy expertise and strategic communications, Peregrine provides a toolbox to help its partners succeed.


  • Strategic research and planning for campaigns and organizations
  • Comprehensive landscape and ecosystem assessment
  • Design and execution of strategic initiatives
  • Evaluation and strategy development of funder-led grant-making and technical assistance efforts


  • Collaborative policy development
  • Policy research and analysis
  • Complex research project management and design
  • Technical assistance and coaching for execution of policies, programs, and initiatives


  • Strategic communications planning and execution
  • Media relations and engagement
  • Op-ed generation and placement
  • Digital media and online engagement


  • Strategic insights to understand and navigate the complex and overlapping uncertainties of today’s world 

  • Insights rooted in the state-level political and economic landscape 

Our Impact

We’re proud of the work we do, and we’d like to show off some of it. Explore some examples of our work and see how we’ve helped the organizations we serve to build more equitable economies.

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